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Determining wether is better than Mailchimp is highly subjective. Mailchimp is a very effective email mailing platform with an excellent reputation. However, it won’t be perfect for every user and use case. Particularly since Mailchimp has changed its focus away from email marketing to be an all-in-one marketing platform. What customers value a lot is the fact that niche businesses (e.g. crypto) find a safe space with us.
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Despite of social media, TikTok and other platforms email marketing is still a highly effective way of promoting your business. Almost 78% of marketers see an increase in email engagement over the last year. Marketers who use segmented campaigns have observed as much as a 760% increase in revenue. In one survey, 80% of business professionals believed that email marketing increases customer retention. So yes, email marketing is still very effective. Especially the marketing RoI compared to other ...
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Highly skilled professionals work in the field of email marketing. It is not just a case of rushing off an email and sending it to multiple people in the hope of success. If you want your campaign to be effective there is quite some skill needed. Remember, you are a guest in people’s email inbox, competing with multiple other emails each day and that is just the beginning: you also have to beat spam filters to reach the intended inboxes for example. However at me do everything poss...
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At we have made it our mission to be a reliable email marketing provider especially for the crypto industry. For this reason we only accept crypto currencies. We currently already accept more than 20 cryptocurrencies. However, we are continuously adding new currencies. If we do not currently accept a currency that is of interest to you, please contact us.
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Payment by credit card or any other payment method that is not based on cryptocurrencies is not possible. However, we accept more than 20 cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies can be bought or exchanged on crypto exchanges nowadays. is an email marketing provider fully tailored to the needs of niche marketers who otherwise have difficulty finding a reliable email marketing provider. At we only accept crypto currencies as payment methods. Our offer is aimed at both beginners and professional users of email marketing software. offers many free email templates that make it very easy to start sending emails.